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Life Underwater (ePub) | General Fiction

Ken Barris

Winner of the UJ Prize 2013

In this fifth novel by the award-winning poet and writer Ken Barris, life in the 1960s in Port Elizabeth comes under the microscope. Life Underwater tells the story of the three Machabeus brothers: Jude, Simon and younger Eli, first as children and teenagers, and then as grown men upon the death of their father. While there may be nothing new under the sun, in the hands of a writer as skilled as Barris the material of family life is here wrought into something compelling, beautiful and visceral – magnifying the tragedies, and singular triumphs, of the everyday.

From the Sunday Independent:
“Ken Barris’s skilled writing . . . moulds the ordinary into something extraordinary and impresses upon the audience a range of emotions that linger long after the last line has been read.”

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Life Underwater (ePub) | General Fiction

Author: Ken Barris
Category: General Fiction
ISBN: 9780795704093
Date Released: 16 May 2012
Price (incl. VAT): R 265.00
Format: ePub, 224pp

About this author

Ken Barris

Ken Barris has won various literary awards, including the M-Net Book Prize, the Ingrid Jonker Prize, the Thomas Pringle and the Vita Award. He has been...


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