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Sapphire Press: Second Time Lucky (ePub) | General Fiction

Malihanelo Molapo

Criselda Moyo is only sure about two things in her life – her love for her twin boys and her job as Senior Analyst Programmer at Baikopanyi Technologies in Midrand. But when her biggest client’s system gets hacked, Criselda’s job is on the line. She must find a fail-safe plan to save Baikopanyi’s reputation, and her own. Then the suave Justice Dlangamandla, with his personalised handkerchiefs and chiselled good looks, is brought in to help with the investigation. And very soon the thirty-three-year-old divorcée finds it impossible to concentrate on the task at hand. 

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Sapphire Press: Second Time Lucky (ePub) | General Fiction

Author: Malihanelo Molapo
Category: General Fiction
ISBN: 9780795704499
Date Released: 15 October 2012
Price (incl. VAT): R 80.00
Format: ePub, 160pp

About this author

Malihanelo Molapo

Malihanelo Molapo who is fondly known to those who know her well as Hani is a receptionist and part time student. She is studying a Diploma in Marketing. In...


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