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Marriage Vows | General Fiction

Gail Schimmel

It’s Jordi Gordan’s 55th birthday and she receives, as she has for every birthday for the last fifteen years, a message from Nico. While her husband, Hal, cooks her a birthday breakfast, she cries over her message from Nico – because Jordi is a woman with a secret.

As evening approaches, she puts Nico to the back of her mind and readies herself for her guests. The dinner party is a success and the atmosphere is laid back and casual. Then, while she is taking a break from the table, Jordi overhears two of her guests talking about her. Back at the table she confronts the women in an amiable kind of a way, but it becomes clear that something is not quite right.

The conversation grinds to a halt before Moira, Jordi’s poisonous sister-in-law, blurts out a shocking truth.

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Marriage Vows | General Fiction

Author: Gail Schimmel
Category: General Fiction
ISBN: 9780795702709
Date Released: 16 August 2008
Price (incl. VAT): R 350.00
Format: Softcover, 288 pp

About this author

Gail Schimmel

Gail Schimmel has been writing stories since she could put pen to paper. Now Gail fits her writing...


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