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Manuscript Submissions

Please refer to these frequently asked questions for more information on submitting a manuscript to Kwela Books. This comprehensive list should answer any question you have in this regard.

  • What type of books does Kwela publish?
  • What type of books does Kwela NOT publish?
  • In which languages does Kwela publish?
  • How do I submit a manuscript to Kwela?
  • How will I know that you have received my manuscript?
  • Must I supply a hard copy of my manuscript or can I email it?
  • Should I include a cover letter?
  • How many words should my manuscript consist of?
  • How many chapters should I include in my submission?
  • Should I send a synopsis?
  • How should I format my manuscript?
  • How long does it take to publish a book?
  • Can I submit short stories to Kwela?
  • How many short stories should I include?
  • Does Kwela accept poetry manuscripts?
  • What's the first step in getting my poetry published?
  • Do I need an agent?
  • How are authors paid?
  • What does a publishing company actually do?
  • Can I pay Kwela to print my book?

Some tips from published Kwela authors:

  • Henrietta Rose-Innes, author of The Rock Alphabet (2004) and Shark's Egg (2000):
  • William Dicey, author of the travel novel Borderline (2004):
  • Simão Kikamba, author of Going Home (2005):
  • Thembelani Ngenelwa, author of The Day I Died (2007):
  • Niq Mhlongo, author of After Tears (2007) and Dog Eat Dog (2004):

Author Focus

Niq Mhlongo

Biographical info

Niq Mhlongo was born in 1973 in Soweto. He has a BA from the University of the Witwatersrand, with majors in African Literature and Political Studies. His first...


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