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Nathan Trantraal wins Ingrid Jonker Prize

Nathan Trantraal, with his debut Chokers en survivors (Kwela), was recently announced the winner of the Ingrid Jonker Prize 2015.

“We are extremely proud of the fact that this prize is being awarded to Nathan. It is well-deserved recognition for an excellent poet,” Eloise Wessels, managing director of Media24 Books, said.

The collection was hailed for among other things the “strong and unpretentious commentary” it offers on the “hopeless social environment” of the Cape Flats and the fight for survival which people find themselves in.

“It is a privilege for Kwela to be Nathan Trantraal’s publisher, because Chokers en survivors deserves this prize. We are proud of this exceptional debut and to be associated with such pioneering work in Afrikaans,” Caren van Houwelingen, fiction editor of Kwela, said.

The Ingrid Jonker Prize is awarded annually alternately to an Afrikaans or English debut poetry collection, the two languages in which Ingrid Jonker wrote.

He competed with Eunice Basson’s Leiboom (Queillerie) and Jannie Malan’s In ligte laaie (Protea).

The Ingrid Jonker Prize 2015 will be handed over at the Woordfees in March next year in Stellenbosch.

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